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Have you never shot a rifle before? Or are you looking for an exciting activity with your company, group of friends or for a bachelor party? At International Shooting Range de Wildenberg we offer challenging packages for everyone!

Clay pigeon shooting
You shoot with a shotgun (caliber 12) on flying clay discs. The clay pigeons will be coming from various directions, so your reflexes, eyes and steady hand are put to the ultimate test! The clay pigeon shooting takes place outside and in case of bad weather there's a roof over your head. With a package starting from 8 people you are shooting for about an hour and a half (4 people = 1 hour). Your private instructor will guide you from beginning till the end and you'll stay together as a group. The packages mentioned below include the coaching, use of the weapon, ammunition and hearing protection, and are suitable for everyone 18 and over.

Small caliber shooting
On our indoor range you'll be shooting with a small caliber pistol or a rifle on a target placed 12 meters away. After finishing you get to take your target home, so you can show off your results!

For all packages it is mandatory to fill in a registration form. You will need a valid ID for this.


Our packages:

Package 1 - 25 clay pigeons €42.50 p.p
Package 2 - 15 clay pigeons and 10 small caliber pistol €44.50 p.p.
Package 3 - 25 clay pigeons and 10 small caliber pistol €59.50 p.p.
Package 4 - 20 small caliber pistol €37.50 p.p.

Our pacakges are suitable for anyone (from 18 yearls old) who would like to get acqainted with shooting or who is looking for a challenging activity. Our packages include the use of a weapon, ammunition, hearing protection and professional guidance. For recreational shooting in the Netherlands, you are required to register in a register, this will be sent to you by email after your reservation. The use of your own weapon in recreational company is not permitted.




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