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Sport shooters and hunters

Even for experienced shooters and members of shooting clubs, International Shooting Range De Wildenberg offers plenty of challenges on our varied posts. Hunters, bullet shooters and members of the shooting club bringing their own weapon are welcome to shoot during opening times without the need for making an appointment. Report to the front desk with valid documents (ID and hunting license or permit). You will receive the necessary materials such as ammunition, a key card for the clay pigeons or a motherboard for the bullet range so you can start shooting.

Bullet shooting & Clay pigeon shooting

The bullet range at International Shooting Range De Wildenberg is 50 meters in length, covered and offers 5 shooting posts with an automatic transport system. All calibers legally allowed in the Netherlands can be used on this range with the exception of all types of Brenneke and shotgun ammunition.

What does International Shooting Range De Wildenberg offer you?

  • 13 x Hunting course posts
  • 1 x Olympic trap (covered and illuminated at night)
  • 3 x Olympic skeet (covered and illuminated at night)
  • 1 x Ball/Automatic Trap
  • 8 x Compak
  • 50m Bullet Range for all calibers legally allowed in the Netherlands
  • Grouse Hunt Trailer

Tariffs bullet shooting

  • Bullet range course rental for non members: € 15,50- per person

Tariffs Clay Pigeon Shooting

  • 1 round clay pigeons (28 pieces): € 12,- for members
  • 1 round clay pigeons (28 pieces): € 15,- for non-members
  • Ammunition 24/7 caliber 12: Box (25 pieces) € 8,50-
  • Ammunition 28/5/6/7 caliber 12: Box (25 pieces) € 9,50-
  • Ammunition 24/7 caliber 16: Box (25 pieces) € 10,50- (minimum stock)
  • Ammunition 24/7 caliber 20: Box (25 pieces) € 10,50- (minimum stock)

Full boxes ammunition (250 pieces) are cheaper for members of S.V. de Wildenberg and Flanders Clay Shooting. Bringing your own clay pigeon ammunition is allowed (maximum 28 grams shot with size 6, 7, 8 or 9).

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